Who are Trump’s best choices for VP?

In one of the most winnable presidential races for Republicans in decades, the vice presidency holds special importance this November. This person, while backing an elderly president, should automatically be the favorite for president in 2028.

Today President Joe Biden is losing in every swing state. His approval rating is at an all-time low. A border invasion for over three years – which a “fig leaf”-like Executive Order is being used to cure – has allowed millions of illegal immigrants to wrongfully enter America, thousands with dubious backgrounds.

We have also witnessed hundreds of thousands of dead due to two wars we are financing – with no end in sight for either. There are Russian warships just 100 miles from American shores. Lastly, due to Bidenomics, our nation is in financial straits with inflation hitting every American.

In polls, except for the abortion question, Democrats are underwater on every other major issue.

So, who would be the best number two for former President Donald Trump?

The most important factor is which person can help Trump win the presidency in November. After all nothing else is more relevant.

The second most important aspect is the person’s ability to assume the role of president immediately. This is where experience should come into play.

There is something else that could be pivotal.

I do not know if having a Black or Hispanic vice president nominee will translate

into more Black or Hispanic votes.

We have seen that women do not just vote for a female candidate because of gender, or else we would have had a President Hilary Clinton.

Relevant experience is extremely important.

Historically speaking, relevant experience for the role has been the following: member of the House or Senate, governor, cabinet or under-cabinet position, and ambassador.

Then there is the “wow factor.” Who would make a big splash for one reason or another? I feel that the following three folks (in descending order) could do that while being able to contribute and/or raise money for the ticket.

3. North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum

Burgum did well in the debates and can financially contribute to the campaign from his personal wealth. He is also likable, smart, and a two-term governor.

2. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin

Youngkin can help Trump win. Of late, Virginia has been a reliable Democrat state. For the GOP to flip the state it would make it extremely hard for the Democrats to win the presidency. He has self-funded his political efforts in the past. He is in the third year of his first term as governor (Virginia governors only get one term).

1. Former two-term South Carolina Governor and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley

Haley is the only prospect with domestic, executive, and foreign policy experience, all major assets.

Haley was a loyal member of the Trump administration. She came in second during the GOP primaries. As the vice president candidate, she would unite the party and do well on the campaign trail and in debates. The woman vote is key. They will be the determining factor in November as neutralizing the abortion question will be vital.

Haley makes the case better than any man that having Harris a heartbeat away from the White House is scary. She did so during the primary season.

So, sorry Nikki. I probably jinxed you. But Trump has many fine choices, including some friends of mine: Yale classmate and former HUD Secretary Ben Carson, as well as the congenial senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott. It should be interesting to see who Trump picks.


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