Fear vs. reality – Which one will prevail in November?

Democrat leaders have failed to do their basic job of passing a budget and spending/appropriations bills via Regular Order or for that matter even as a Continuing Resolution once again. It is quite apparent that Democrats are just too busy with other pressing matters like producing the “Trump Reality Show.”

Watch out for that “can”! The Democrats are about to kick the proverbial “can” down the road once again. Failure prevails yet Democrats want to retain control of Congress. Despite a September 30 due date for completion of the 12 spending/appropriation bills, do not expect them to act until after the midterm elections. This has become our reality.

Republicans in the 21st century have also been derelict here. However, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi holds the dubious distinction of failing at the most basic aspect of her job – passing these basic but vital measures via Regular Order – for more years than any other Speaker of the House in America’s 246-year history. Prior to the 21st century every single Congress was able to accomplish this basic expectation.

How Congress “makes sausage” (passes legislation) is one of the most important aspects of governing. Today, Congress puts the already made sausage in the microwave, warms it up, and gives it to the public. It repeats this same process over and over again.

Yet most Americans are clueless about this fact. On this ground alone we should fire the Democrats and say to the Republicans that if you fail at the basic parts of your job, you’ll be gone in two years too.

The Democrats have been selling fear because their record has received a failing grade – both for Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress. Even Biden’s former press secretary conceded recently that the Democrats know they cannot win in the midterms if Biden’s record is in the spotlight.

But, can the use of fear actually win an election?

Barry Goldwater, the Republican Party nominee for president in 1964, lost by the largest landslide victory for a Democrat in my lifetime when his opponent, incumbent Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson, scared the American people into believing we could be in for a nuclear war with Russia should Goldwater get elected. Johnson actually used a little girl and the detonation of a nuclear bomb in a TV ad to illustrate his point. The result? Goldwater won only six states.

The economy is at record lows with skyrocketing prices due to record high inflation, along with rapidly rising interest rates and a plummeting stock market.

And we live in a less safe America at home and abroad. Crime is rampant in our cities. We are not protecting our border adequately. And our foes, Russia and China, are more united today than ever before.

This is America’s reality.

Democrats do not want you to see this. They change the subject to fear. They have been telling us that the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by MAGA supporters can destroy democracy, abortion decisions can hurt women, and “deplorable” Republicans are bad for America.

Their idea is to scare America, as if reality is not scary enough under their one-party rule.

Let’s not forget their assertions and then the resulting blunders we had to endure.

Here are the biggies: Sanctions will prevent Russia from invading Ukraine (now we are in month seven of war in Eastern Europe); there is zero inflation (which is still a 40-year high of 8.3%); we can tax and spend our way out of a possible recession (a stock market decline putting us into a Bear market); and the border is secure according to Vice President Kamala Harris (although we have had a record 2 million encounters and nearly 1 million illegal invaders). All of this is our reality today.

First, they threw at us the threat-to-our-Democracy argument. The Democrats’ logic is bogus. What is true is that they are so out of step with the majority population: white Americans, especially white males that it should be of concern to everyone.

In the last four presidential elections Democrats have lost the white vote by around 20 points. This is a true danger to our democracy: the vast majority of the population (white people) choosing the Republican candidate for president while the Republicans lost three of the last four elections.

Lastly, in the “you cannot make this stuff up” category, Biden declared the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Yet Pelosi said that due to COVID being present, members of Congress do not need to be “present” to vote in the House Chambers. I guess that means they can vote from their beds if they choose to. (It should be noted that the U.S. Senate prohibits proxy voting).

This is reality. Instead of fearing change, we must embrace it in November.

Author: “With God, For God, and For Country.” @GaryFranks


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