Recounting Mike Morell’s Deep State blues

Lifetime CIA spook Michael Morell’s name has been popping up a lot recently due to him spilling his beans about the misinformation campaign he orchestrated at the behest of the Biden presidential campaign to influence the election’s outcome. I’ve beaten that dead horse into the ground, but it occurred to me this would be far from the first time this committed deep state agent has taken deliberate action to malignly insert himself into the democratic process.

A 33-year veteran of the CIA, Morell shows up like Forrest Gump in several significant moments of note in recent U.S. history.

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Morell was a presidential staffer who produced the Daily Brief and spent most of that morning with President Bush keeping him informed on the developing situation in between reading “The Pet Goat” to schoolchildren. When Bush pressed Morell on who he suspected was behind the attacks on the World Trade Center, Morell famously said, “I have no doubt that the trail will lead to the doorstep of Bin Laden and al-Qaeda.” The man is truly Carnac the Magnificent.

If you want to get a sense of Morell’s truthfulness, he was part of the group that sent Colin Powell with bad intel (lies) to the United Nations about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and who was also part of the effort to sell the Obama administration’s lie that the Benghazi Embassy attack was a freak spontaneous uprising and not the coordinated al-Qaeda backed assault that resulted in dead Americans. In fact, the first person blamed for the Benghazi attacks by the Obama Administration was Mark Basseley Youssef whose only crime was making an unwatchable YouTube video that besmirched the good name of the Prophet Muhammed.

Morell would elevate through the ranks of the CIA from a humble analyst to director for Intelligence before eventually being appointed deputy director in 2010. Since retiring from public service in 2013, Morell has been strangely committed to making book deals and taking media gigs, all the while lying through his teeth to the American people.

In 2016, Morell was an integral cog in legitimizing the narrative that Donald Trump was a literal Russian asset when he supported the debunked Alfa Bank construct that was cooked up by the Hillary Clinton Campaign. I doubt even the most histrionic Trump hater even remembers this bit of cooked up Clinton Apocrypha, as the Alfa Bank tale predated the more well known “Steele Dossier” fiction. Morell would parrot it in his op/ed endorsement of Clinton published in The New York Times soon after, declaring Trump to be an agent of the Russian leader.

Morell may have openly declared he was willing to do anything to get Clinton elected, but she was fated to lose the most galling and unexpected loss in American presidential history. Morell was hardly alone, as the entire permanent class of Washington, D.C., found themselves having to go through the motions of the transfer of power, disrupting their planned coronation of Clinton and replacing it with a hoard of unwashed huns of the MAGA persuasion.

“How can we prevent this from happening again?” was a very common question coming out the mouths of every Clinton voter and Trump skeptic in our media, political, and technocrat classes, and Morell didn’t get very creative when it came time for his services to be required once again. Morell would join the throng banging the drum in support of the Russian interference hysteria calling it the “political equivalent of 9/11,” but has been oddly silent about the revelations regarding its origins from within the Clinton Campaign itself.

When he rounded up the former Intelligence Community officials to craft their infamous letter, the goal was to give Biden a “talking point” during his debate with President Trump to push back against any mention of Biden’s son or his fetid laptop. Morell and his fellows reached out to many of their peers with 51 total putting their names to it, with some testimony before the House Weaponization of Government committee alleging an active CIA official solicited signatories as well.

This letter enabled Biden to declare that the story about his son and everything it implied “was a bunch of garbage.” This blatant deception apparently worked considering how many votes the man got, but that said, what little sunlight has been shone on the truth regarding the laptop and full court press to protect Hunter and his father could bring about the very fallout they went to such lengths to forestall.

According to a 2022 poll by TIPP Insights, 47 percent of those polled and 45 percent of independents said knowing the laptop contents were real and not Russian disinformation likely would have changed their vote in the election that November. One could draw a through line between this poll, and the cratering support within recent polling of demographics that make up Biden’s coalition, but that would involve those propping Biden up to admit that there is something rotten going on in the White House that they themselves put there.

Teeing up the aged Biden to defuse the political atom bomb that is his son was a deliberate and calculated move made by its writers and signers, but getting Biden elected was just a means to an end. The real endgame for critters like Morell is a job with power, the kind you don’t win an election for, but one given to you by the those who do. That’s why he lied for and threw his weight behind Clinton, hopeful for some kind of cabinet gig or even an ambassadorship in the Far East, and the same was true in 2020.

When Biden ultimately won the 2020 election, Morell no doubt expected his hard work would be rewarded, and reportedly he was up for consideration to finally officially run the CIA himself after serving as acting director twice during the Obama administration. However, Morell found himself roundly rejected by all sides, with the harshest repudiations coming from progressive Democrats like Oregon’s Ron Wyden who still retain memory of and disdain for the CIA’s legacy of torture during the War on Terror.

Morell not only has been a vocal apologist for the CIA’s torture program, but as acting director was directly involved in obfuscating and frustrating all efforts for transparency as it was investigated. Ironically, Morell’s deep state pedigree and bona fides were the very thing keeping him from finally being the bride, relegating him to collecting checks as a consultant or pundit for hire on networks like CBS.

Which is why we now find him giving up the ghost under oath and throwing Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the man he serves under the bus. Here is a man who has made his career lying and misleading the American public, and who has confessed to doing so to help get our current president elected. Now, he’s unlikely to go to bat for Biden again after having his rear end burned for sticking it out for him in 2020, but it’s not like he’s going to endorse Trump or Desantis anytime soon.

Going forward, I would encourage any discerning voter to take a moment and think critically about the things we are told by sharp dressed men yakking away on our TVs with some alphabet agency on their resume. Think twice about what they are saying and investigate it further, as it may have all of the classic earmarks of a homegrown CIA information operation. (See what I did there?)

Keeping you informed is not the intention or the priority of former spooks hired on by legacy media outlets. Controlling what you think and how you do so is their mission and bullying you into compliance with their fallacious and fraudulent authority is the only language they know.


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