Politics has gone to the birds

Ron Schmidt, Tolna

Donald Trump. Joe Biden, So this is what we call DeMOCKracy. Give me the smoke-filled room, the place where policy, not rhetoric, prevails, the nuts and bolts of how things are to be done.

Last week my sister-in-law and her sister stopped in for a visit. They had been our braving the elements, “Birding.” I’m thinking they could have done so from the warmth of the living room.

Just turn on the TV. See Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a turkey or ostrich, with his head in the sand and a dodo. Donald Trump and whomever. A rooster, more accurately a peacock, looking at his image in the pond, someday picking a parrot or more likely a parakeet, as his running mate.

When it comes to “Bird’s Brains,” what the country needs is “Wise Younger Owls and Carrier Pigeons with an honest message.” No mocking birds!


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