Giving is good for ND’s economy

Edana Kitzmann, Minot

I just read the Feb. 10, 2024, article in The Minot Daily News of “Giving Hearts Day” numbers since the inception of such campaign, from 2008 into 2024, and that approximate dollars are nearly $195 million before official statistics are released. And that $29 million from this year’s campaign indicates about $3 million more than last year – from 40,644 donors.

I believe each donor (that I applaud and am grateful for) donates of their own money and of their own volition and desire. Also, I believe those dollars are used by the more than 600 charities to defray costs – maybe defray some wages – and to be able to give helpful assistance to recipients of those charities. I think some of those charities also aid clients to be employed wage-earners and have independent living.

I have to say that all money put toward the charities for their purposes does actually get put back into North Dakota’s economy. If anyone wants to argue against that, I would like to hear that argument. Maybe I’m not the only person who would like to read or hear that argument.

Again, thank you to all of the donors and charities. All of that does work for the small and greater good after all.


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