Respect others on the road: slow down

Richard Reuer, Minot

Today I was reading in the paper about a roundabout being put at 83 and 23. To me that is not a solution. I find drivers when I’m driving on the 83 bypass and 2 & 52 driving 10 or more over the speed limit. There is not enough law enforcement to cover those who go over the speed limit.

It’s those who do not drive what the posted speed limit is that cause most of the accidents on the roads that harm or kill those who follow the speed limit. I am an old-fashioned driver. During the daytime I drive what is posted on the roadway. At nights I drive 5-10 miles slower because night driving, the visibility is not as clear as driving in the daytime and in some places deer and other night creatures end up getting killed, left on the roadside.

When I first got my driver’s license, there were daytime and nighttime speed limits posted. Daytime speed limits were posted with black numbers and white background. Nighttime speed limits were white numbers and black background. There was nothing said about that in the roundabout discussion.

So, before wanting to spend so many millions of dollars on a roundabout that confuses drivers, come up with a solution for those who drive over the speed limit.

I also see drivers who turn right on a red light without even stopping. That too creates a problem. Drivers who like turning right on red lights need to respect that privilege or it too may come up in a discussion to ban turning right on a red light.

Remember, it is a privilege, not a right, to have a driver’s license. Please respect others on the road and learn to save lives.


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