Eliminating property tax would have positive effect

Steven Moen


Everyone is negatively affected by property tax, not just the property owner. How you say? Do you think groceries are tax free? Not so, their prices are adjusted to pay the store’s property tax.

Same goes for any store you shop at, or any apartment you rent. Dakota Square Mall in Minot property tax bill is over 1 million dollars. Guess who pays that tab? The mall owners don’t. They pass it onto the retail stores, who in turn pass it down to the customers.

All businesses do this, be it a store, repair shop, dealership, grain elevator, apartment landlords etc. It gets passed down the line ’til it gets to the last person in line who can’t pass it down to anyone and they get stuck with it.

Just think how getting rid of this regressive tax would positively affect our economy. People would have more money. Things could be cheaper. People could afford to pay for things the government now subsidizes, etc.

Getting rid of this tax will be a win-win proposition for everyone.

Don’t fall for the doom and gloom coming from corrupt and greedy politicians. They clamored the same way when personal property tax got repealed back in the ’60s and we haven’t missed it at all. Most people don’t even realize we ever had that tax.

Hopefully, in 50 years most people won’t remember what property tax was and wonder how stupid it was that we ever had it.


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