Reclaim language from wokeism

Andrew Allis, Granville

If America is to survive the insanity of cultural Marxist wokeism, it must reclaim the language. The left knows the power of words to win arguments, even before the debate begins. Since words shape the way we think and perceive reality, if they can get you to use their terms while arguing for your viewpoint, they’ve already put you in a losing position. “He who frames the terms of the argument wins the debate,” as the saying goes. Leftists are master wordsmiths, changing and redefining terms to promote lies and sanitize actual evil. This is one considerable reason why pernicious “progressivism” has made such great strides in the U.S., as well as globally.  In fact, let’s begin with that word.

“Progressivism” is used instead of what it actually is, namely Socialism, the creation of a huge bloated leviathan of a Federal government in order to redistribute wealth and forcibly push their radical leftist social agenda on the rest of us. Moreover, the term suggests if you’re not “progressive” you must be an ignorant “regressive” Luddite. It wasn’t long ago that the present administration even brazenly redefined “recession” (traditionally defined as a period in which real GDP declines for two consecutive quarters) in order to accommodate its failed economic policies, such as massive spending resulting in the cruelest tax of all on working families, the hidden tax of inflation.

Allow me to offer some other examples of their use of euphemisms to distort reality for their purposes: changing illegal aliens to “undocumented persons,” the genitalia mutilation of children is now “gender affirming care,” the murder of unborn persons is “women’s healthcare” (even though they can’t tell you what a woman is) and “being pro-choice” (excepting, of course, the unborn child who is not given a choice). A riot is now a “mostly peaceful protest,” concerned patriotic parents showing up at school board meetings are now deemed “domestic terrorists.” A mother is now a “birthing parent,” a woman is dehumanized as “one who menstruates,” and a person’s biological sex is “gender” which, of course, is “fluid” and can be changed at will.

The United States is constantly referred to as a “Democracy,” as if the majority rules with no checks upon them, instead of what we actually are, namely a Constitutional Republic. Taxing hardworking citizens into oblivion is now their “contribution” (as if it’s voluntary!) in “investing” in the future of America. Discrimination and racist policies and laws are promoted in the name of “anti-discrimination” and “anti-racism.” Equality (equal opportunity under the law) has been subtly changed to equity (socialistic guaranteed equal outcome). A straight man or woman is now “cisgender,” again to imply that gender is fluid and subjective, up for grabs, dependent at any time on the volitional whim of the individual.

In the last few decades, the vast majority of people have been conditioned to use the word “gay,” traditionally a word connoting something positive and good (happy, merry, lighthearted) instead of the terms sodomy and lesbianism, thus conceding much of the argument on that subject upfront, before the debate even begins, by ridding one’s thinking of the graphic repellent images that are brought to mind by those formerly used words. That being the case, it wouldn’t be surprising if  most Americans will soon adopt the innocuous sounding acronym MAPS (minor attracted persons) instead of referring to such persons as what they are, pedophiles and child molesters, thus sanitizing that vile evil activity as well.

Stop conceding the language to the Left and take it back by using words that accurately convey the reality of what is being discussed, rather than caving to the pressure to use revisionist politically correct terminology which serves to mask lies and evil.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20


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