Leading cause of death isn’t guns

Steven Moen, Minot

Mike Rose’s letter on May 20th got me to thinking. Abortion is the leading cause of death in children not guns. 930,160 babies were killed in 2020 adding to the 63 million killed since Roe vs Wade legalized the murders.

The next cause of death in 0-17 yr old kids is vehicles. Only when you add in 18 yr old adults does firearms top vehicles. That is because 18-45 year old males commit the most murders in the country.

All mass shootings happen in gun free zones. The presence of firearms also prevent over 2 million crimes/year and crime decreases when more people are armed.

But you won’t hear any of this in the mainstream media. Just like the release of the Durham report that exonerated Trump and named many high-ranking Democrats, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, IRS, media and others culpable to committing the crimes they blamed on Trump. The media yawned.

The only reason people (politicians) want to ban guns is power. It is hard to subjugate an armed populace but disarm them and it’s easy. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all the other Socialist, Nazi, Communists, and totalitarians are proof of this, so why would anyone in their right mind think that getting rid of firearms would make us safer? Why do you think there is such a push to defund police? It’s not to make anyone safer as statistics prove but to cause the need for a federal police force, read Gestapo, that isn’t answerable to anyone except the Communists in Washington DC.

England may have less gun crime but their violent crime is up due to the use of clubs, knives, axes, etc. The safest country to live in is Switzerland and every able-bodied male 18-65 has a fully automatic SIG SG551 assault rifle with ammo in their houses and they know how to use it.

Our country has drifted so far from the freedoms our founders and veterans fought and died for because by the grace of God they had the wisdom and means with the firearms to get it and keep it.

Now we are so WOKE that the Navy is using drag queens to entice recruits to enlist. I think this effort will crater just like Bud Light’s profits.


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