0Investment can help ND tourism growth

Sara Otte Coleman

ND Tourism and Marketing Director


The multifaceted work of LandTrust in North Dakota has the potential to diversify the state’s economy by creating new opportunities for agritourism and outdoor recreation. With the recent investment from Wonder Fund North Dakota, LandTrust is set to expand its offerings and create new jobs while supporting local businesses.

North Dakota has a rich cultural and natural heritage that attracts tourists from all over the world. With LandTrust’s recreation access network, visitors can experience the unspoiled outdoor spaces that make North Dakota unique. This can be achieved by making land available for various activities like birding, fishing, hunting, hiking, and agritourism.

One of the advantages of LandTrust is that it can provide opportunities for visitors to learn about agriculture and experience North Dakota’s rural way of life. By working with local farmers and ranchers, LandTrust can create agritourism experiences that showcase the state’s agricultural practices and traditions. This can help visitors gain a deeper appreciation for North Dakota’s farming and ranching heritage while creating new revenue streams for landowners.

LandTrust’s platform also makes it easier for farmers and ranchers to invite visitors to their land. By coordinating bookings, insurance, and marketing, LandTrust can provide a turnkey solution for landowners who want to diversify their operations without investing a significant amount of time or money, while maintaining 100% control. This can help support small businesses and create new opportunities for entrepreneurship in rural communities.

The investment in LandTrust by Wonder Fund North Dakota is a positive development for the state’s economy. By expanding offerings in agritourism and outdoor recreation, LandTrust can help preserve the state’s natural and cultural heritage while creating new jobs and supporting local businesses. With LandTrust’s platform, visitors can experience North Dakota’s rural way of life and gain a deeper appreciation for the state’s farming and ranching traditions.


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