Property taxes are great scam

Troy Johnson, Williston

Well it’s that time of year again,  when we find out how much we owe renting our property from the county and the school. I worked 30 years to pay off my property, now once it’s finally paid off, is really, truly when you find out that you never own it. It’s the great scam that was brainwashed into us all these years.

When your property is paid off.that should be it. BUT the county says you owe them for living here. Funny thing too — it never goes down. Notice on your taxes over 50 percent goes to the schools. The state has a school land trust fund that states: to be used for our schools and buildings: then why isn’t it? Over 8 BILLION  in there and yet why not use it?

Next the legacy fund should be used to lower taxes. Why invest it in China? That money should have never left the state. 


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