Americans can’t trust government officials

Gary Berube


In 1954 Congress added One Nation under God to the Pledge of Allegiance and in 1956 Congress made IN GOD WE TRUST the national motto of the United States. There is hope; we can trust God. It is very apparent we cannot trust anyone else.

Our own government raiding private residence without any notification, two attorneys arrested using guns to protect their property, classified documents being stored in private garages by an individual not authorized to have them or to declassify them, billions of your tax dollars sent to FAA and nobody knows what the money was used for, billions being sent to foreign countries, and there is no money to stop the flood of migrants at our own border.

We elect honest citizens who agree to vote for someone’s corrupt bill if that person with vote for this corrupt bill. Besides, it’s not the officials’ money; it’s only the taxpayer’s money. They will never know and they will never be able to find out.

It’s time that everyone needs to speak up and demand accountability from our elected officials. Call your elected officials: Hoeven 202-224-2551, Cramer 201-224-2043, Armstrong 202-225-2611.


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