No need to apologize for diversity

James Maxson


In youth hockey in British Columbia, I have recently seen what could be described as evidence of “the great replacement” that is feared by so many. The Port Moody Panthers have players whose family ancestries include Vietnam, India, South Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, the USA, Ukraine and Canadians of various European descent. Several of the players are of mixed race. What are the differences between this team and the youth hockey team I follow in Minot?       

Call me a fool, but I don’t see differences. I see kids from good families. I see nice young men trying to remain physically fit. I see young men developing leadership skills. I see young men making mistakes and then working to correct them. I see young men working as a team for a common goal.

As the world evolves, it is our choice whether to view demographic evolution with fear or with hope. I apologize to no one for being a WASP. That said, there is no need for the Port Moody Panthers to apologize for their diversity any more than for the Minot Wolves to apologize for their lack of diversity. Both teams merely reflect the demographics of their community. Both teams are easy to love and needless to fear. I have grandsons on both teams. I prefer love.


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