Love remembered during Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Leslie T. Anderson


I was an educator and school principal in the Minot Public Schools for 40 years. Debbie was an educator for 32 years in the Minot Public schools.  I wrote the following letter to my wife during her journey with Alzheimer’s to promote awareness.

A love letter to my wife, who died from Alzheimer’s disease. Debbie passed away January 28, 2021.


Throughout our marriage, when things were not going well we would make a list of all the positive things in our lives — it was much longer than the negatives. That task is now more difficult, but we have always appreciated our blessings. 

I know you are not the same person I spent most of my life. You have tested my love for you and my faith. I always wondered if I really meant it when I said, “In sickness and in health.” Now I know. 

Living with the person you love is not perfect, and sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes you are difficult and get angry with me, but I know deep down in my heart you still love me. Our love for each other is amazing and one of the best things I will ever experience. 

You will always be my oracle regardless of our situation. You still give me guidance and inspiration. You have given me a new purpose in life and a reason to get up every morning. Even though you don’t know it, you continue to make me a better person. 

We have had so many wonderful and exciting adventures with family and friends. We have been blessed with a fulfilling life and wonderful marriage. You are more than I hoped for and better than I deserve. 

My love for you has never been stronger. 

I love you! Les  

(Editorial Note: November was Alzheimer’s Awareness Month)


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