Deer hunting just got more challenging

Steve Moen


With all the craziness going on today it makes deer hunting so much more challenging than it used to be. Now we have to wonder if the buck we have in our sights is really a buck or maybe he identifies as a doe. Or maybe the doe tag we’re about ready to fill identifies as a buck or maybe even a coyote. How are we to know? I know the tags around here are for “any” antlered or antlerless but what about one that only has antlers on one side? Is this one transitioning from antlered to antlerless or vice versa?

Then too the tags that are specific to whitetail or mule deer aren’t they racist? Then maybe according to the Critical Race Theory the “white” tail deer must be the oppressors and all the other deer the victims. Do we get preference points for getting whitetail tags? One wonders?

Then on the “any” deer tags, can one shoot a moose with one because according to World Book encyclopedia the moose is the largest member of the deer family? Other sources call them large members of the deer family, so the “any” should include them. Leaving them out isn’t being very inclusive don’t you think?

All I know is that it’s getting more and more difficult o not offend anyone but then does one really I care?


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