Clarity brings harvest of hopes

Diane Zander


It seems we need a bushel of clarity these days, and I’m done with my apples, so here goes:

Nope, there weren’t 2000 mules, but someone sure made a lot more than $2000 telling people there were.

Nope, no election got stolen, and if someone says they have proof, they probably also have a bridge for sale.

Nope, you don’t have to worry about investigations or plead the fifth if you’ve done no wrong.

Nope, CRT is not a k-12 thing, and isn’t taught anywhere near you.

Nope, blue states aren’t more crime-ridden than red states; sadly both have too much, but there doesn’t appear to be a real consensus to work on that.

Nope, one political party isn’t more patriotic than the other — how would you possibly measure that?

Nope, if you don’t entertain violence, you probably won’t have to explain your stance on it.

Nope, eliminating Social Security or Medicare doesn’t seem like a good idea. How about finding the means to enhance them so US citizens don’t work until 70 and miss out on so many healthy retirement years? It seems the country currently with some of the lowest/best inflation/employment numbers could figure this out.

Nope, don’t believe I have ever heard anyone advocate defunding our police.

Nope, cannot expect young people to get involved in our elected offices when they can see campaigns can be bought. They are shrewder than that. And nope, not voting isn’t an answer.

Nope, you cannot claim to be right, godly or upstanding, if you cannot listen with an open mind and heart, search out fact from chaff, and have kindness as your go-to move.

Good November, Minot. May your harvest be the bounty from what you have sown.


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