Burden of proof falls on victims

Edana Kitzmann


250 rape kits need to be processed so the pursuit of justice can be accomplished or at least begun.

Anyone who has been a victim of a horrendous crime finds out real quick that the burden of proof that the alleged criminal is guilty falls on the victim. And that the criminal can lie and have no burden of proof of their innocence. The guilty verdict has to be proven by the victim.

I personally know of a victim being also falsely accused by the criminal and the burden of proof of innocence was put on the falsely accused (who was also the victim previously). Both incidents happened to one person in the state of North Dakota. So, the victim of the first criminal action against them got the double-jeopardy plan against them.

So, here comes the ultimatum that the particular victim was dealt — “life isn’t fair.” A direct quote.

When the “professionals” have as little concern for the health and safety of a victim, as in that case, there is little effort left to go through the process of the burden of proof by the victim that the criminal is guilty.

“Catch 22” is a phrase that is used and is as meaningless as “life isn’t fair.”

Maybe as in that particular victim’s situation, you can go after the 250 victims and let them know of the waste of effort and thought to hang on to a hope of the guilty being found guilty. I won’t go to them with that. I will tell them “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.” Don’t worry ladies, God will get them if the civil government won’t. Have faith in that this one Christian (knows) believes that’s true.

To the 250 victims: God bless you.


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