Thoughts on the US House race

Andrew Alexis Varvel


I am undecided between Kelly Armstrong and Cara Mund.  I disagree with each candidate on abortion.  My priority is to get federal legislation passed to mandate uterine anaesthesia during abortion, so fetuses don’t get tortured to death.  I have other concerns too.

The Democratic-NPL brass recruited pro-life Mark Haugen to run for Congress.  There was another choice – ardently pro-choice Roland Riemers.  Pro-choice activists could have supported Roland Riemers at the convention, saving Mark Haugen from spending over five months of his life campaigning for a party that would betray him.

Cara Mund now faces conspiracy theories and innuendo emanating from talk radio chatter, portraying her as a liar, a closet liberal, a Democrat in sheep’s clothing, and a puppet of Heidi Heitkamp’s infernal machinations.  Meanwhile, leftists have been spitting nails upon hearing her views on economics.

Cara Mund comes across to me as honorable and sincere.  I met her.  When I was in UND student government, I worked with sorority politicians like her.  Connections, snob appeal, and practiced charisma are calling cards of sorority politicians.  As high achieving as she is, Cara Mund comes across as a classic sorority Republican with old school politics from an era when talk radio didn’t define conservatism, from an era when conservative Republicans could be pro-choice and pro-environment.

Cara Mund also comes across as grounded and down to earth.  Could she win?  Sure, if everyone who voted down Measure #1 in 2014 chooses to vote for her now.

I remain on the fence.


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