Let’s celebrate clean energy

George Merkt, Students For a Conservative Voice, Minneapolis, Minn.

National Clean Energy Week is September 26-30, and efforts to implement clean energy in North Dakota should be supported this week. Renewable energy will be an essential part of the state’s energy supply in the future and it will provide a boost to the state’s economy as the industry continues to grow.

As North Dakota continues its all-of-the-above energy approach lead by elected officials such as U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer, renewable energy should be recognized as a key component of its success.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by Congress will bolster North Dakota communities by providing over $530 million to the state. The investments from the infrastructure law will help North Dakota continue to build on the progress the state is making to advance a range of clean energy technologies.

Universities across the state are already working to develop clean energy solutions. Researchers at the University of North Dakota are working to develop solutions that will help permanently store carbon emissions miles below the ground and researchers at North Dakota State University are continuing to explore the potential of energy storage to help make renewables more practical, increase energy efficiency, and lower energy bills.

This week and going forward, North Dakotans should support practical and clean energy solutions that take advantage of all the state has to offer. Through the recent bi-partisan infrastructure bill and the efforts of Senator Cramer, North Dakota is set to be a leader in clean, reliable energy that supports the state for years to come.


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