Self evident truths?

James Maxson, Minot

We hold these truths to be self evident?

1) Vigilantes stalking women seeking out of state abortions would have no similarities to slave catchers in the 1850s utilizing the Fugitive Slave Act for profit. 2) A nut job at that mall with a military assault weapons with a 30 shell clip is no more dangerous than one with a flintlock muzzle loader. 3) Any election where our candidate didn’t win must be a fraud. 4) Anyone who votes differently from us isn’t a patriot . 5) Anyone with different religious beliefs than us is evil. 6) Our sins of arrogance and hypocrisy are more forgivable than those who have sexual practices that are different from ours. 7) The government can monitor our sex habits but can’t  ask us to wear masks. 8) It was a peaceful protest when cops were assaulted and our nation’s capitol was used as a toilet. 9) Burning down our own neighborhood is an effective way to end bias. 10) Does life really begin at conception, or when the kids have grown up and the dog has died? (I confess this last one was stolen from former North Dakota governor George Sinner).


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