Biden deserves blame

Steve Moen


I find Eric Suwall’s letter on Biden high gas prices uninformed, misleading and full of untruths. Did he mention that on day one of Biden’s administration he shutdown the Keystone XL pipeline? No! Did he mention that Biden canceled oil leases on federal land, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico? No! Did he mention that Biden refuses to issue permits to drill on these areas also? No! Did he mention that Biden banned fracking in these areas also? No! Did he mention that his son Hunter was in bed with Corrupt Ukrainians and when they tried to prosecute him then VP Biden leveraged $1 billion in foreign aid to stop them? No! Did he mention that the CIA has been training Ukrainians to kill Russian speaking Ukrainian separatists since 2014? No! Did he mention that Ukrainian President Zelensky banned 11 political parties because they don’t agree with him? No! So much for democracy! Did he mention that Hunter Biden was instrumental in securing financing for US bioweapon labs in Ukraine just like we funded in Wuhan China? No! This might be part of the reason Putin invaded to get rid of these labs. Did he mention the weakness of Biden is encouraging everyone who hates us to take advantage of it and do what ever they want? No!

We saw none of this under Trump. Teddy Roosevelt said “Speak softly and carry a big stick”! Biden just mumbles and carries an ice cream cone. As far as supporting America goes did he mention that when Trump was President the Democrats pulled every dirty trick in the book to get him ousted because Hillary was supposed to win? No! They failed and their lies are now being exposed. Did he mention the coup that took place in 2020 with all the election fraud that is now coming to light? No! As far as the Founding Fathers go in today’s world not one of them would be a democrat as today they all want a big totalitarian socialistic state run by them and a few token rhinos. Why else are they so concerned about getting the ability to disarm law abiding citizens? God and armed citizenry are the only thing standing between free Americans and totalitarianism, just like the Founders made provisions for. They knew what could come down the pike as they lived it first hand.

Don’t fall for Eric’s malarkey. Biden and his handlers are 100% the reason we have high inflation, high energy prices, baby formula and tampon shortages with an upcoming recession.


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