Better way to lower gas prices

Edana Irene Kitzmann


Wow! Here we go…

So anyway, let the government give 18 cents a gallon for 3 months (which doesn’t make up for $2 to $3 per gallon added in the past 18 months) and after 3 months the taxpayers will not have paid that 18 cents per gallon. They will lose $10 million (or billion?) dollars for infrastructure. $10 milllion (or billion?) that we pay in for roads, bridges, civilian transportation. Then the government can tax all of us 36 cents a gallon or more to make up for what we didn’t pay for 3 months?

How about opening up oil production in the civilians’ United States of America and the price at the gas pump can go down, the royalties holders get their money, the gas and oil companies get their money in quantities sold and the government keeps getting the 18 cents per gallon tax for the civilians’ infrastructure?

And workers get paid wages for the oil production, selling, etc. Then the workers pay their own way to live and taxes are paid on income, and the government people can still get paid salaries, etc.

Just a thought. Have a great week.


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