Sick to my stomach

Alan L. LaBar

White Earth

When I heard 11 senators voted against $40 BILLION for Ukraine in addition to what had been spent, I had been researching the History of Russia and Ukraine, and while I consider myself “Anti-War,” I clearly see why Russia took the action they did.

In WWII Russia was our ally and lost 85% of their service age men in the war. Without the help of Russia WWII would have turned out very differently. The fact that Joseph Stalin was a butcher, he was “Our Butcher” during the war.

I find it very sickening that WWII (in which my dad served) was to defeat THE NAZIS and now the United States Congress in sending $53 Billion to THE NAZIS in Ukraine to kill their own citizens and Russian troops.

Ukraine has outlawed 11 political parties and is the most corrupt country on the planet.

We have no way to account for the weapons we are financing. Terrorists will be able to shoot down airliners and more. Meanwhile America is declining…Inflation and rising prices and we are waging a “Proxy War” in a place WITH NOT VALUE LOGISTICALLY…Russia has many times the Nuclear Weapons to end life on our planet and we want “MORE WAR”?

The moneys sent to arm the Nazis in Ukraine would have been far better spent installing a security system like we have at the Mountrail County Courthouse in EVERY PUBLIC SCHOOL IN AMERICA..

I would suggest reading John Mearsheimer’s books and viewing his videos. He is a West Point Graduate and served in the military for 10 years during Vietnam. Now 40 years a history and political science professor at Chicago University.

I’ve been a Republican all my life, but now at 73 I am sick to my stomach.

I contacted all my senators and my representative. The Answer was a resounding SILENCE.

“When Evil Men Rule, The People Mourn.”

I hope we survive to mourn.


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