Lost or found?

Bette Wold


My name is Meeka and I live on my Plaza farm with Jayla and Axel. Our job is to protect the colts and ponies from coyotes, seek out pests–raccoons and skunks and protect our farm. When our folks are away, we get preoccupied and end up miles from home. Discovering us missing, facebook helps rat us out and we are escorted home.

Before long, a stranger offered us a ride. Jayla and Axel headed home fast. But I had cut my foot and I was cold so I accepted. I ended up 35 miles away in a New Town Dog Pound. Fortunately for me, a chip in my neck got me home, to find our dog door now leads to a fenced-in yard. Attempts to change our bad behavior, the gate is shut when our folks are away. But when they are home, they let us out to do our job.

On Sunday, we wandered. Axel told us “we should go home” and he ran home. But Jayla and I, well,we disappeared. We are similar looking black Mastiffs, 120 pounds. Facebook has failed to find us, search of dog pounds, veterinaries, we are still missing.

Or did a well-meaning citizen pick us up? I know it seems sad to see a dog(s) along a road, alone. But farm dogs often will wander. And if a well-meaning Samaritan picks them up, they reduce/eliminate the opportunity to reunite them with their distraught family. Found wandering dogs are not necessarily “forever lost.” Please, if anyone has seen Meeka and Jayla, call their very sad family — 701-898-3306.


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