Forget wayfinding, improve 1st Avenue

Harold C. Mellberg


Signs of Minot, Wayfinding Project….Totally unbelievable. $980,000 to help guide visitors to the Magic City’s Gems. Pure nonsense.

How about using those proposed funds toward reworking 1st Ave. SE from 3rd St. SE to 400 1st Ave. SW. This leads to a real Gem of Minot’s founding history, the Amtrak station…a.k.a. The Great Northern Depot, circa 1905. The debate over this avenue and who should be responsible for resurfacing … BNSF, obviously fell on deaf ears with both the BNSF and the City leaders of Minot. It’s a disgrace and makes a terrible first impression for any visitor coming off the train as well as those getting on.

Visit Minot and Ackerman Estvold might want to give this some thought and really focus on doing something to improve this avenue and area, which is obviously a big part of downtown Minot.

Mr. Podrygula, you are spot on with, “I think the Gateway Arches are a bit grandiose.”


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