Support for free speech

Patricia Marquard, Minot

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor written by Andrew Allis of Granville, ND. I agree that Americans self censor. Sometimes people self censor themselves when they feel guilty about using the greeting, “Merry Christmas,” because Muslims, Buddhists, and others celebrate “Hannukah,” or another holiday. I support the view that we can celebrate our own holiday. We do not have to give up acknowledging our customs because not all other people do. I support the idea, “celebrating our own customs does not insult others.” Recently my sister in Wisconsin asked me why some North Dakotans have Easter Monday off. She felt that it was not considerate of atheists. I disagree with that. I explained that there are many Christians in North Dakota and that it is not a problem.

I find it worrisome that there are situations in which citizens feel that they have to lie or conceal their opinions rather than share views. For example currently it is very important to be a supporter of Black Lives Matter. Perhaps someone knows only part of what their organization is about. What if all they know about that social group is that black neighborhoods have been destroyed, and black businesses have been damaged because of their influence. A discussion could follow where the pros and cons of the organization could follow.

In another area, I question why there are not more conservative and moderate Democratic legislators asserting their agendas? Not long ago there were old school democrats that were in agreement with a balanced budget, family values, and love of country.

Americans have learned to be very docile. Perhaps they have learned too well to sit in time out as children instead of standing up for themselves and using a few cross words in defense. Perhaps when boys had a brief scuffle to clear the air or settle an issue in the days past there was merit in working it out. Today’s men and women are silent when it comes to speaking up. They are afraid of losing their jobs.

“Acting in good faith,” means having integrity, being honest, promoting the wellbeing of a group of consumers, or others. In the past year states have discovered that when the federal government does not act in good faith they do not need to self censor but can litigate in issues of federal overreach.

Regarding the matter of transexual men competing in women’s sports, my father would say that his daughters would never compete in sports with persons that had been men at one time. He would not censor himself. He would say that the organization is a farce, and that persons of good moral character would not associate with an organization that does not “act in good faith.”


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