Pay it back to pay it forward

Edana Kitzmann


With thoughts of Montana-Dakota people around a big table in a big room, making a decision to not follow through with a pipeline because cost increased about 50% of projection. I’m thinking about the Board of Directors who receive large amounts of incentive shares each year, that this year they can contribute that incentive value towards the project.

The project involves paying workers who use the hammers, drills, heavy equipment, utility vehicles, number crunchers, files, data entry, etc., and the contractors supplying materials, etc. So, since the livelihood, earning a paycheck honestly (not illegal, not illicit or not immoral manner), does not induce the decision makers to put forth more than words and thoughts, but maybe some pay it back and it will pay it forward for the livelihood (greater good) for people and businesses in North Dakota. What should be done?

This may sound like sarcasm or ludicrous to think of pay it back to pay it forward. Yet it is a First Amendment-expressed thought about the $7.50 to $40.00 an hour worker that pays their own utility bill. You also have the First Amendment for you to use. If there is a response to my letter, I hope I can afford the newspaper to read it. I have been an employed person in N.D. for over 48 years and now my label is unemployed, so how does one get incentivized shares for making decisions? I’m wondering if doing the employment thing was, you know, unwise.


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