Ducks or kids

Warren Larson , Bismarck

Another school shooting. First and foremost, where are the “Right to Life” marchers today? Why aren’t they out marching now to save children’s lives? A gunman barricades himself in a classroom and just fires carnage everywhere in the room. What filled the minds of those kids in those last seconds of their lives while the Right to Lifers’ signs sit idle at home. They do NOTHING. WHY? Apparently, their cause is basically a religious right to birth…not to life. Do they believe everyone on the street should carry an automatic weapon?

For decades, laws have required shotguns to have a limit of 3 shells in the chamber. It was enacted to make hunting ducks more sportsmanlike. Yet today an assault rifle, designed as a weapon to kill people, can have from 30 to 100 shells. Do Senators Hoeven, Cramer and Representative Armstrong believe it is more important to protect ducks from being slaughtered than those innocent children in a classroom? Will they bury their heads in the political sands again and deflect the issue with the old scare tactic of “taking away guns”?

We don’t need police walking the halls of schools and our streets with assault rifles. We need common sense laws that protect kids in school and when walking home. Stop filling us with political rhetoric and more deflection of the issue. Do what’s right for a change!


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