Weakened America losing liberty

Andrew Allis


What Happened to COVID and Dr. Fauci? Why, they’re gone. They came on us, in the words of the beloved, albeit now deceased, singer Meatloaf, like a “Bat out of Hell” and are now “gone before the morning comes.” They have served their purpose, now they are no more. However, if that makes you sad, be of good cheer, the next “crisis,” the next “emergency,” is not only around the corner but already here (Ukraine!, Ukraine!!, Ukraine!!!), to change the news cycle and take the easily manipulated American people’s attention off of all this administration’s myriad failures, both here (soaring brutal inflation, a declining and volatile stock market, an open Southern border with well over 3 and a half million unvetted illegals pouring into, i.e. invading, our country, the CRT brainwashing of our public school kids, as just a few examples), and abroad (the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, China about to take Taiwan, America greatly weakened and no longer respected, feared, or trusted on the world stage, the danger of other enemies such as Iran and North Korea seizing this opportunity of a leaderless United States with an inept and transparently mentally and physically failing American President, the Chinese yuan on the rise over the dollar after the Dow Jones reported that Saudi Arabia is now going to price its oil sales in that currency, instead of American greenbacks).

“But, don’t look at all this failure, incompetency, and deliberate deconstruction of America, the America that was, in order to build the Marxist Utopian America the so-called “progressives” want, . . . NO, look at what’s happening in Ukraine(!) Ukraine(!!) Ukraine!!! IT’S ALL PUTIN’S FAULT!

The government obedience masks and the government’s mandatory penetration of your own body with experiential drugs (euphemistically called “vaccines”), both which have now been shown to be ineffective in even the curtailing, never mind the preventing, of Covid was all a testing and training period to see how far the government could go with control and dominance over their people, trampling and stripping them of their Constitutional rights. We had state Governors making lawless edicts, not laws mind you, but unconstitutional decrees and then claiming anyone concerned about their freedom and liberties were both selfish and dangerous nationalists, even terrorists.

The results of their testing proved more than encouraging for the totalitarian Constitution-hating, and 1st & 2nd amendment despising, left. Almost all bowed to their tyranny, especially the Churches with 94 to 96% closing at the very time they could have been most relevant and needed. America showed itself no longer “the land of the free and the home of the brave” but the land of compliant sheep who walk-in-lock-step with Big Brother’s commands, and the home of the easily enslaved.

You failed your test America (and its Churches), and the tyrannical left are delighted you did. Your reward? More “health-care” and other such invented “emergencies” to come (climate emergencies, gun “safety” emergencies, white domestic conservative “terrorists” emergencies, other domestic terrorist emergencies like parents speaking up about their own kid’s education at school board meetings). Always keep the people in a state of breathless and irrational fear which requires emergency powers granted to the government, by the government. You earned this New America cowering, submissive, and obsequious United States citizens, now live in it, or WAKE UP, resist and ongoingly fight for your liberty.


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