What district are you in – now?

Kolette Kramer


What in the world are we talking about? Redistricting and Reorganizing?? Well, with the census being taken, the 47 Districts that were established in North Dakota had to be “evenly” dispersed so each district has approximately the same number of people in their districts. So, some districts lost area, but gained people. Some districts gained area, because they needed more people. Depending on the growth of your area, that decided whether or not your district needed more or less. That’s why the North Dakota Legislature needed a special session this fall. They met for one week to rush through a redistricting bill and add a few odd other things that the delayed bills committee let in.

Now, once the new district maps were made and approved, districts had to “reorganize” with the new people and areas. Many District Reorganzational meetings are held in January and February. You can go to www.legis.nd.gov to find what district you are in, and go to your party’s website to find out information on when those meetings are held and who you would contact to find out more information. Districts are staggered in the Republican party with odd numbered districts reorganizing in the even years and even numbered districts in the odd years. With the redistricting, the districts who gained more than 25% of change also have to reorganize whether they are odd or even.

Now is the time to make your voice heard and your vote count. Find out what district you are in. Find out who your representatives are and how they stand on the issues close to your heart. Reach out to your district chair and get involved.


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