Unvaccinated belong at back of the line

Bill Brudvik


I have been following the current surge in covid infections both in North Dakota and Minnesota and here at our winter home in Phoenix, Arizona. They are all showing record hospitalizations nearly all of which are people who are unvaccinated. The latest data I have seen shows that North Dakota, Minnesota and Arizona are seeing record surges in covid cases and nearly all of those people have not been vaccinated. Hospital beds are full leaving virtually no room for people with medical emergencies, life threatening illnesses, accident victims or people with necessary but “elective” medical procedures. When it comes to medical care and treatment these folks go to the end of the line. More importantly I have been hearing that, when these folks do have an opportunity to be hospitalized, many of them are becoming infected with covid from the covid patients in the hospital. The medical care givers are at their wit’s end and exhausted.

All this needs to be revisited. If you make a conscious decision not to be vaccinated and come down with covid and need to be hospitalized you should not be allowed to go to the front of the line. People with other legitimate medical needs should be prioritized and unvaccinated covid patients should go to the back of the line. Covid is not going to go away anytime soon but when it comes to medical care, the tail is wagging the dog.


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