Letter was unexpected pleasure

John Fenrich

Owasso, Oklahoma

Reading the Letter to the Editor I found on Google Alerts that was published in the Minot Daily News and submitted by James Maxson, who identified himself as a North Dakota State Senator, was an unexpected pleasure for me as a former publisher of the Minot Daily News (1986 – 1990).

Having been an editor and then a publisher for a number of newspapers in Oklahoma, California, Hawaii, Nevada and North Dakota I believe I have come across politicians of every ilk. Some make sense, many are too full of themselves and very few are able to see things with a twinkle in their eye.

Sen Maxson is one of the few and his letter-to-the-editor should be put on display. Thank you for publishing it.

I had some memorable and enjoyable years in Minot and felt that the community represented what was best of our country, particularly the heart of our country.


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