Lack of transparency concerning

James Padgett, Minot

Once again the Minot School Board is asking for over $100 million which, if approved, will result in a approximately 40 percent school property tax increase. An increase that will last over a decade.

Also, an additional permanent increase is necessary to maintain the new facilities. There are no projected costs to be found on the School Board website. The lack of transparency is concerning.

This increase comes during record inflation driving the cost of living to record levels. An increase during record energy bills with no relief in sight. An increase when the State of North Dakota is flush with excess money. So much excess they are having move it from one pot to the other so they spend it on whatever they want.

Why isn’t the Minot School Board being more transparent on the long-term costs? Why are property owners being asked to foot this entire bill when the State has billions just sitting there?


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