Let cooler heads prevail

Steve Moen, Minot

In the weeks leading up to the special legislative session we have seen the special interest groups, including the governor, circling the $1.2 billion ARPA fund like vultures circling a dead carrion or sharks on a feeding frenzy each trying to get a piece of the fund.

I pray that cooler heads will prevail and postpone this spending till the next session when there will be more time to see what is really needed.

There are only two options out there that have any merit in my book, the first one is to use this money to finally get rid of property tax which is the most evil tax ever invented. People never really own their property but have to pay rent on it forever. The state has been paying this down for years but guess what property tax keeps increasing; we have a spending problem in this state not a revenue problem, as Washington said, “Government is like a fire. Keep it small and it will keep you warm but let it get out of control it will burn you out of house and home.” It is high time to do away with property tax. The other option is to divide the $1.2 billion by all the taxpayers in the state and send them a check.

I am adding another litmus test for selecting candidates to vote for so along with the sanctity of life and marriage I’m adding the abolition of property tax. It is high time we get to own our property and not just rent it from the government.


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