High 5 to South Prairie School

Brenda Mosser


Senior citizens will find when attending sporting events at South Prairie School, they will be pleasantly surprised at their entrance fee, which is “FREE” except when attending tournaments and then their entrance fee is a whopping $3.

The school not only hosts school team events and tournaments, but travel ball teams from around ND. The fees are the same, but also keep in mind, although very few, there are exceptions in entry fees for special circumstances. They have expenses hosting these events like any other school, yet still offering this high regard to senior citizens.

On behalf of myself and all grandparents, “THANK YOU” and if, in the future South Prairie feels that they need to charge to make ends meet with expenses, that’s okay too.

To the senior citizens: Although it is not expected, always feel free to donate a few dollars at the entry door to express your gratitude and also a few kind words of appreciation!


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