We win when we work together

Ray Curtis, Minot

I am a member of the so-called greatest generation. We went through the Depression of the ’30s. There were few jobs and some lost all that they had. You took any job you could find. There were no government payments.

Then there was WWII. Everyone worked hard to defeat the enemy. Thousands of young men died fighting. They did it for their country and for you and me. A lot of mothers and fathers lost their sons.

Now there is another war. It is an unseen enemy. People are dying every day. We can win this war if we ALL work together. There are no bullets or bombs, but we have a defense. The medical community says to wear masks and get vaccinated.

The government paid out money to most everyone. I didn’t hear of anyone not accepting it.

I have respect to many in this generation, who have done a lot. I am disappointed in many. Excuses like: the government can’t make me do that; I’ve got my rights; I don’t need it; It won’t help; I won’t go to work if I have to get it.

There is no excuse except if there is a medical reason.

Let’s win this war together.


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