God Bless Texas

Steven Moen, Minot

After reading Jenna Vanhorne’s analysis of the Texas abortion law I am wondering if I am in a time warp as her take on this is exactly how the Nazi’s justified the killing of all the mentally and physically challenged along with all the elderly in Germany prior to turning to Jews and anyone who they deemed as an enemy.

If we cost the Reich more than we contribute to it’s our duty to die, which is essentially what she said. That and the complete fallacy of legal and safe abortions, abortions may be legal but immoral but never safe as the baby almost always dies.

Life is precious and must be protected from the time of conception till natural death not something to be judged by some faceless bureaucrat to be worthy or not. If her thinking is taken to the next level they will be following in the Nazi’s footsteps and be coming after the elderly and the handicapped. Democratic governors have already started this with the placing of COVID positive patients in nursing homes last year during the COVID lockdowns and killing hundreds if not thousands of elderly residents and nothing has been done to address this crime.

Again Texas is on the right path to righting the wrong of legally murdering 60 plus millions of unborn babies, which was forced upon us by a liberal Supreme Court and never voted on by the people. God Bless Texas.


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