Up and down volume annoying

Lloyd Kvam, Minot

I think it’s about time that we do something about our viewing pleasures. Just now I had to get up and turn my TV off. It was either that or put the commercials on mute or at least turn the volume down. I don’t have to do this for the radio.

In the last few weeks I’ve made an effort to observe people in places of business. Not that I’ve been able to visit much because of COVID, nursing homes especially, I’ve still been getting a good sample of how people react to the volume setting on TV. If the commercials are turned down then you can’t hear very well the regular programming. Once you get a comfortable setting for your programming you shouldn’t have to adjust for the hundreds of commercials every day.

Yes, everybody has to get paid but at what expense? I catch myself running to adjust the volume or to switch channels. Some channels are set differently than others. If we ever get comfortable we just might have to read a book.

Going back about 50 years there was a company that produced TVs with everything being the same volume. They were either bought out or they went out of business. It might have been RCA. Does anybody out there remember? With everything that is going on in this world today my story won’t count for much. However, it’s been going on far too long. Together we can do something about it. Let’s not wait another 50 years.

Audio doctors are needed now more than ever. I’ve had two surgeries on my left ear at Mayo in Scottsdale, AZ. I can’t prove anything but my loss of hearing could have been due to too much volume.

I hope to HEAR from you soon.


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