Buy locally for back to school

Dan Reinhard, Minot

I knew that I heard enough as I listened to a TV add from Amazon promoting back-to-school supplies for the children. What ever happened to Mom’s and Dad’s support for the local community businesses?

Look what we have done to local old brick and mortar businesses… I was truly saddened when Sears, Herbergers, Gordmans and Kmart closed their establishments over the past several years. Who was responsible for that?

Amazon has been systematically forcing thousands of retail establishments out of business. It has become too easy, after a few key strokes, to make a purchase online. COVID-19 had a great deal to do with that and the results are now apparent. There are far too many that believe great savings can be realized from the “Giant Tech Corporations” but I’ve done enough comparison shopping to know that is true in most cases. Moreover, I’ll pay a little more for a product sold locally; especially if it is made in America.

I will not purchase anything from Amazon even if they are the only supplier. If I can’t find it elsewhere, then I’ll find a substitute or do without. Amazon has become a monolithic monopoly which is applying extreme pressure on retailors throughout the country – we do not have a Teddy Roosevelt in the White House to put a stop to it. When corporations become extremely rich and powerful like Amazon, Alphabet (Facebook), Microsoft, Twitter, etc. how long will it be before they also manipulate national elections? Or have they all ready?

I was in J.C. Penney’s just the other day where I saw very few other customers. If a man needs an affordable good quality suit, should J.C. Penney’s fold, where will you purchase it? As a wise man once said: “You won’t miss it till it’s gone.”


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