What’s to think about?

Jim Lein


Of all the discussion for and against mandatory COVID shots, the one I found most curious involved persons in the military.

What? Like the Army would give you a choice on this? They used to love giving shots. For every possible disease, domestic or foreign.

As in basic training at Fort Gordon, Georgia, a very hot sunny day in early September, 1963, standing in one of two incredibly long lines in our white tee shirts, our fatigue shirts off.

Guys who had been shot, so to speak, came back past us, some a bit woozy and wobbly, with one hand on their other upper arm holding white gauze with bright red blood spots seeping through.

The latest I read, the military was thinking of mandatory COVID shots. Thinking about it?

I suppose now that there is no draft, the military has to do less ordering around to get enough enlistees.

Although, of course, there have always been guys who escaped being drafted if their family had enough money to buy a doctor’s excuse.

One of these guys even became president and commander in chief of the military. Such a deal.


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