Hands off the Legacy Fund

Steven Moen


I was surprised to read all the letters last week by people who are willing, yes even ecstatic about spending their children’s future so they can pay their cable bill and high electric bill, which by the way will most likely get higher with the Green New Deal coming in. That is why our delegation voted against this bill, by the way I didn’t see a letter from this person thanking Trump for the money he put in her checkbook.

Also salivating over spending Legacy Fund money to bribe people to get vaccinated for a virus that has been proven to be over 99.98% survivable by all age groups. Most people who died with COVID had 3 underlying conditions. You have a better chance to be struck by lightening.

If we can keep everyone’s fingers out of the Legacy Fund including politicians in the future we will be able to run the entire state government with just the interest on the fund. Norway does that now. Wouldn’t that be a gift to our children and grandchildren – no state taxes.

But instead these people are willing to saddle their offspring with insurmountable debt that will bankrupt this country. According to some analysts every taxpayer owes over $174,000 and that was with only $21 trillion in debt. It’s forecasted to top $30 trillion by years end.

Then to the guy telling us to give ND some credit. We got the ethics commission foisted on us by out of state money a commission we don’t need and according to some is next to impossible change or get rid of. Also if you look at most of the initiated measures over the past 10 years most of them were funded by out of state interests. I totally am for North Dakota measures funded by North Dakota money but not ones funded by outside interests.


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