Protect state’s Constitution

Lisa Buchweitz, Langdon

Last week there was a Letter to the Editor that was very much in opposition to the sponsoring committee “Protect North Dakota’s Constitution.” I feel compelled to point out a few things.

Protect North Dakota’s Constitution is a grass roots organization that is made up of farmers, ranchers, retired military, public servants, small business owners, oil and gas workers, and bankers, from all over the state.

Changing our Constitution is a big deal. It shouldn’t be easy. It should be well debated and have a significant majority approval. And that is what this initiated measure will be about.

Do you know only 18 States allow constitutional changes to be done in this manner? And North Dakota has the very least restrictive requirements. I personally feel this has made us a target for outside interests. For example, just look at North Dakota Voters First. This was the sponsoring committee of Measure 3 last year that ended up being removed from the ballot. It was promoted as a measure to increase the voting days for our overseas military, but in reality would have changed our voting system to a ranked voting system. And Congressional districts would not be decided by elected officials, but by an unelected committee. The Chair of North Voter’s First wrote the letter last week that I am responding to.

ALL of the funding for ND Voters First was from outside organizations such as Action Now Initiative, Texas, Urgent Action Fund, California, Campaign Legal Center & RepresentUs, Massachusetts and Unite America, Colorado, except for $250.00 from a North Dakotan.

ALL of the funding to date to Protect North Dakota’s Constitution has been made by; you guessed it, North Dakotans.

Don’t be fooled by catch phrases that are meant to draw an emotional response and prevent you from digging deeper.

This is my State. This is your State. I am very proud to be a North Dakotan and it is important that we do indeed, protect our State’s Constitution.


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