A piece of the puzzle

Patricia Marquard


This week I found out something that I had wondered about. I found out that certain topics get more clicks when moving around the internet.

Of course Google, Youtube, newspapers, and television streaming make money when people click on items in their website and make money when they sell information about which sites you have visited. I found out that search engines, and broadcasting companies, and online news make more money when “racism,” and “BLM,” are clicked on than many other topics.

When you compare the number of search engine clicks for news about policemen being killed, compared to citizens being killed during a criminal contact there are few clicks for the death of the policemen. When you compare the few clicks that take place when a white person is killed by a policeman during an arrest compared to the larger number of clicks that occur when a black person is killed during an arrest a pattern develops. The news and the internet can profit more from reporting certain types of news. It is well known that more whites are killed during an arrest than black citizens but it is rarely reported.

Another thing that I had wondered about was why it would be a problem for black citizens to show identification when voting. Most black people have a drivers license. Many elderly black citizens have identification for many other purposes. It so happens that the trend is that many black citizens are voting Republican. So what is the problem here? If more blacks are voting Republican, and if the Hispanics are voting Republican in greater numbers it appears that the Democratic party needs to import illegal aliens in great numbers to vote Democratic. The reason MLB and other Democratic sponsors are pressuring state governments to not enforce voting restrictions is because illegal immigrants do not have legal identification.

The crisis at the border will most likely not improve, and Texas and Arizona, and California will be flooded with new voters for Biden, and they will require a lot of services that the government will have to try to afford. The real story is that of course Blacks can show a drivers license, and that the voter suppression is happening to the illegal immigrants, and non citizens.


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