With apologies to the sheep

Steve Peterson, Minot

Reading the paper this weekend, I was sickened by the article that chastised HB1323 while promoting mask mandates as a tool that’s saved many lives. (Renae Moch, Bismarck)

Before drinking the Kool-Aid, I would suggest considering this: when state and many local mask mandates were initiated, virus activity had peaked and numbers were on their way down. I remember ranting at that time; “Now the bureaucrats are going to take credit for taming the virus!”

The article goes on to suggest the mask mandate worked to reduce active cases by 85% and hospitalizations by 70%. What a bunch of BS! Those are the numbers we saw over the mandate period (true), but there is no evidence the decrease had anything to do with masks. In fact, those are likely the numbers we would have seen without the mandate. Bureaucrats and the media know that if they repeat a bold-faced lie often enough, it will eventually be accepted by society as fact; especially if they tell us that it’s “based on science.”

I hope more will demand reliable information in the future, rather than just accept everything written and follow along like a bunch of sheep. My apologies to any sheep I may have offended.


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