Stop the hate

Wayne Fisher, Dickinson

Who are the biggest supporters of Communist China? Look in the mirror–Americans! Americans purchased more than 400 billion dollars in products from Communist China in 2018, whereas, America sold only about 150 billion dollars in product to Communist China.

Next time you purchase any product, examine the label or print on the product. There is a very good chance that the label will state “Made in China”. The United States has a huge deficit with Communist China! Again look in the mirror, who is supporting Communist China? All Americans! Sadly, Americans are addicted to Chinese products.

Yet, many Americans are displaying animosity, hatred and even violence against American Chinese and Asians. This raises a question. Why? We are placing the fault of COVID-19 on American Chinese and others of Asian descent. It appears that the virus started in China, but the Chinese and Asians who are American citizens did not start this virus. We are just looking for scapegoats. Most countries were very slow to respond to this virus including the United States.

Our country made a similar mistake in the past after Dec 1941 when we blamed Japanese Americans for the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan. Again, we were looking for scapegoats. We placed most Japanese Americans in detention camps. Did we place equal blame on American Germans and Italians whose ancestors were from Germany and Italy? No!

People who have voluntarily migrated to the U.S. were seeking a better life, freedom, and democracy. Sadly, our history is blemished with the introduction of Africans as slaves and the mistreatment of Native Americans. It is the responsibility of all Americans to make America a great place for all.

Let us follow the teaching of Jesus. Stop the hate!


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