New leadership in District 40

Jay Lundeen, Minot

On April 3 I was honored to be elected as chairman of the District 40 Republican Party. While I have been engaged in politics in my community, this was the first time I ran for any political position.

I am saddened to see the same vile mud throwing that has become common place at the national level being spewed in our great state of North Dakota. I, like many of my fellow citizens, am sick and tired of not being represented properly by our elected officials. I, for one, have had enough and feel called to be involved.

Here is why: I want to see the VALUES that you and I hold as important in our homes to be UPHELD and fought for by those who represent us.

As chairman for the District 40 Republican Party, I intend to push for REAL Republican values: Equality for all, Individual responsibility, less government in our lives, lower taxes, protection of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, freedom of worship, liberty, and a GREAT LOVE for God, Country, and the great state of North Dakota.

In District 40 and beyond we will FIGHT with all our collective resources against those who want to take our Freedom and Liberty. We will NOT stop nor will we ever go away! We will watch, learn and inform the people of North Dakota of the TRUE facts of our elected officials and how they vote. We will bring transparency to politics, so “We the people” can decide how we will be governed.

Two days after being elected I realized just how significant the fight is that I am stepping into. People like Rob Port, an informant/blogger paid by Forum Communications in Fargo, is part of the reason why I decided to do this in the first place. Rob wrote an article about us in District 40 concerning the organization meeting. I realize in today’s world, anyone with an opinion can have a platform, I am okay with that. It is the lack of research and fact finding before publishing that I am NOT OK with.

The problem is how these “hacks” hide the truth by spreading lies and creating an uninformed narrative. We have seen this on the big stage through media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, or the New York Times but it is sad to see this being portrayed in North Dakota by individuals like Rob Port. Rather than reaching out to me for insight on my motives, he regurgitated talking points of the establishment and recapped an event he did not even attend. He is misrepresenting the truth with lies and conspiracy theories such as me being part of the “Secretive Bastiat Society.” I don’t even know what that means!

We are aware that this happens in our news, but it is sad to see our elected officials joining in this kind of conduct. Representative Randy Schobinger, a politician for many years formally representing District 3 in Minot and now District 40, showed that he is out of touch and cannot understand that we the people of District 40 want accountability. Randy, apparently, likes the “status quo” and feels threatened when the people that he is supposed to be representing are excited to be involved. We will have to live with that Randy, but it is wrong to make baseless claims against your New Leadership and constituents as supporting “habitual sexual harassers.” I am disappointed in Randy for using the same click baiting and headline grabbing sensational misrepresentations used by the like of national media outlets to disparage local North Dakotans. Especially ones he HAD NOT EVEN HAD A CONVERSATION WITH. This is not only false it goes completely against our values!

Transparency is a key value that I hold close. My goal is to engage individuals throughout District 40, Minot, and the state of North Dakota by bringing the actual FACTS to them. People deserve to know and understand who they are voting for, what these individuals believe, and how these individuals vote. Otherwise, what good is our political process? No longer should we have individuals holding office for indefinite periods and using the position as power instead of representing the people that elected them. People like you and me.

In closing, Rob, Randy, or any other individual who wants to know – I would love to tell you about our plan. I plan on bringing transparency to the “inside scoop.” My door will always open be open for honest conversation. There is always room for more people on Team Liberty. We will always look for the facts before we throw mud. On Team Liberty, truth and transparency matter. Stay tuned…


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