Fox News regurgitated

Jonathan Alice, Beulah

In Andrew’s letter on April 17th he equates mask mandates with draconian totalitarianism yet I do not see Andrew decrying seatbelt regulation or drunk driving laws. Andrew will also tell you that those who wear masks are giving in to the “hyped fear-mongering narrative” and that these people are “sheep-like”.

Is it really “hyped” if more than 6 times the population of Andrew’s town of Granville has died from COVID in North Dakota alone?

Are you really being a sheep by wearing a mask and protecting your family and neighbors the same way you would protect them by wearing a seat belt and not driving drunk?

Andrew would like you to believe the narrative that “leftists” are sheep and that the only ones standing up for your freedom are Republicans. The same Republicans that tried to end democracy in this country just a few months ago by pushing demonstrably false voter fraud conspiracies in hopes of overturning a free and fair election.

This attempted polemic of the “Left” is nothing but a regurgitated amalgam of Fox News jargon and a 30-year old thesaurus. I challenge Andrew to be more creative with his rhetoric.


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