Celebrate Earth Day with action

Tim Baumann, Minot

This coming Thursday marks the 51st anniversary of the first Earth Day celebration. At the time of its inception, smog was hanging in our air, acid rain was destroying our forests, and our rivers were catching fire because of pollution. Many of those human-created challenges were solved thanks to the advocacy, leadership, and bravery of business leaders, politicians, and everyday people like you and me.

Today, our environment faces different challenges. Our weather patterns are changing, we are losing species that are foundational to our ecosystems at an unprecedented rate, and synthetic chemicals are finding their way into the water we drink and food we eat. Parts of our planet are becoming uninhabitable for human life, driving mass displacement and migration. We need a new generation of citizens, business leaders, and policy makers to step forward and find solutions to this new wave of human created challenges.

Earth Day is a good chance for us to reflect upon the impact we all have on the ecosystems around us. As we look to make positive changes, here are four ways you can help have an impact here in Minot:

1) Set Goals with the Sustainable Minot 2021 Program.

This easy to complete questionnaire gives Minot residents impactful, local ways to improve our environment. All participants receive a logo they can print or use in whatever way works best for them. The questionnaire can be found at: https://forms.gle/9zsSvBbeyY3REQhX9.

2) Support the Minot Pollinator Project or the Roosevelt Park Zoo Pollinator Garden Project.

These two efforts are working to support the threatened American Monarch Butterfly and other insects that help to pollinate the crops of area farmers. Consider planting pollinator-friendly habitat (Lowe’s Garden Center has kits to purchase) or supporting these efforts financially to help the smallest (and bzzy-est) members of Minot thrive.

3) Support 1,000 Trees for Minot.

This partnership aims to plant an additional 1,000 trees across Minot by the fall of 2026. Trees provide beauty, comfort in the summer, a break from the prairie winds, and a home for birds, all while cleaning the air we breathe. Plant trees on your property and let us know here (https://forms.gle/z4BtXNCvJjYvTkL47) to count them toward this community wide goal. Make a donation or memorial gift to the 1,000 Trees for Minot Pass Through Fund at the Minot Area Community Foundation and help plant extra trees in public spaces across Minot. (https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted–button–id=ZUEJ9G2DZS4SQ)

4) Get Out and Pick Up.

Picking up trash is inexpensive, good exercise, and makes us feel proud of your neighborhoods and roadways. Trash around our community is an eye-sore and usually ends up in our natural waterways. Every piece of trash you pick up matters, every time.

You can learn more about environmental activities in Minot by joining the Facebook Group Environmentally Minded People of Minot. This collection of people is focused on answering environmental questions that matter to everyone who lives in Minot.

Cheers to the bright future that we can build together!


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