America is being punished by God

Steven Moen, Minot

What has happened to our country, you know the one where all men are created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights such as life liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Where did it go?

Since the self proclaimed dictator Biden signed over 50 executive orders directly attacking all this country stands for, and Congress is pushing to do much more I wonder what the future holds.

We have seen some hints, canceling the Keystone XL pipeline which laid off tens of thousands of union workers. Not issuing any drilling permits on federal land will once again make us dependent on foreign oil and will lay off up to 300,000 workers.

Insisting on following the Green New Deal will bring the rolling blackouts that California experienced last summer and the blackouts Texas experienced this winter that even affected us. (It) will become the new normal, like gas and diesel prices being up between $.70-$1.00.

Transgenders and pedophiles are now given free access to any restroom they want to use and are allowed to play on any girls or women’s sports teams.

We once again are funding abortions with our tax dollars worldwide and they are trying to overturn the Hyde Amendment so we can fund them here too.

Religious and Christian freedoms are under attack as the LBGTQ agenda is supreme and it no longer matters what the Bible says on any issue it is what the LGBTQ agenda says.

We no longer enforce any immigration policies and the illegals are pouring over the border in alarming rates so we now have thousands of kids in cages and the reaction to this is to build walls around government building in Washington, D.C.

The military is checking all the troops to see if there are any white supremacists in their ranks but aren’t looking for radical Islamists or Antifa people. I read this as a thinly disguised effort to weed out all the Trump supports in the military.

China and Iran are rattling their sabers, North Korea is testing missiles, Russia is threatening to invade the Ukraine and we are bombing targets in Syria.

Then there is all the money being created out of thin air and passed out like candy for all sorts of nonsensical reasons pushing the leftist agenda creating more debt we will have to pay off some day or go broke trying.

In all of this I draw this conclusion, God is bringing judgment on this country, pure and simple. For a country, which was founded on Christian principles, read the 13 colonies state charters, and now has turned it’s back on God it’s easy to see. Church attendance has dropped to less than 50%, it dropped 13% in the last 10 years and just 20-30 years ago it was over 70%.

Look at our history, God got kicked out of schools in the 60’s, abortion was legalized in the 70’s, now the Democrats don’t mention God at all in their party platform, with all the antichristian indoctrination taking place in our schools, all the blood on our hands 60+ million aborted babies, and hatred for God by our leadership in government what do we expect. God have mercy on us and I pray for a revival, as that’s the only solution for this massive problem we face.


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