It’s all about the party these days

Bob McNamara, Upham

What is with this nonsense of people wanting to beat up representatives and senators for not voting with their party in the impeachment. No one should give away the right to vote their conscience when elected, including Kevin Cramer foolishly swearing 100% allegiance to Donald Trump.

First off, we should elect people educated enough and intelligent enough to look at what is before Congress and vote what is legal, best for North Dakota, best for the United States. They run to represent all constituents, not just those that vote for them. Why would you want your senator to wake up each morning and call Mr. McConnell or Mr. Schumer and ask him what way to vote today?

I want someone who is going to put in the work to know the issue and will vote accordingly–legal, best for ND and best for the U.S.

I heard a woman from Wyoming on the radio say Ms. Cheney should be recalled because she is a Republican and she didn’t vote Republican. That may be the most foolish thing I have ever heard.

If you believe your delegation should only vote by the party you don’t believe in America, you believe in a party. You don’t want America for all, you want America for you. Actually, that may be why the only things that get done in Congress are the things that they are driven to do by law and budgetary requirement.

Meaningful things such as infrastructure et al get pushed to the wayside by partisan politics.


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